• Sparkling gold game fishing gear
  • Bird view of Port Douglas with game fishing boats leaving marina
  • Bird view of game fishing boats in one row heading out to the Great Barrier Reefs
  • Game fishing boat Saltaire heading out to the Great Barrier Reef
  • Game fisher grabbing fishing line to draw in jumping marlin fish during tournament

The 1000lb Club

Port Douglas Marlin Challenge 1000lb Club Winner


Lawrence Gzotto aboard Reel Cross and Rick Chadwick aboard Zulu.


No offical 1,000lb fish were registered. MV Above Grade caught the biggest Marlin estimated at 950lb, whilst MV Kyrenia and MV Think Big lost fish estimated over the 1,000lb mark.


Brendan Fairburn aboard MV Reel Impression caught an estimated 1000lb Marlin off Ribbon Reef Number 1.


No confirmed 1000lb fish but a couple of skippers recorded 950lb fish.


Matthew Dorrian aboard Mango Calypso estimated at 1100lb. Viewed by underwater and above cameras and clearly confirmed by experienced skippers as a Grander ! It's included in our home page video clip which can also be viewed on YouTube.