November 7th - 10th, 2019

10th Anniversary Tournament

The 2017 Port Douglas Marlin Challenge

2017 Tournament Results

The 2017 Port Douglas Marlin Challenge was cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

A very special mention goes to our small but very hard working committee, Damon Gruzden, Jenni Sorensen, Bec Harrison, Phil Holloway, Rob Palethorpe, Gavin Goodwin and Heff.

A bigger mention goes to our wonderful sponsors who donated an array of fabulous prizes including:
Hemingways Brewery, Penn, Perrin Clarke Photography & Imagebank Australia, Bransfords Tackle, Alvery Gunnell Rods, Nautical Marine, GBR Helicopters, Coastal Coverings, Lotsa Printing and Primevil Spear Guns.

The 2016 Port Douglas Marlin Challenge (copy 1)

2016 Tournament Results

Daily Champion Boats

Day 1 - Duyfken
Day 2 - Zulu
Day 3 - Saltaire
Day 4 - Wild Turkey

Female Champion Angler 
Alex Dumas aboard Kyrenia

Male Champion Angler
Gary Goddard aboard Hellraiser

Overall Champion Skipper & Boat
Reg Moore skippering the Duyfken vessel

Overall Champion Angler and winner of the Leon Thomas Perpetual Trophy
Gary Goodard aboard Hellraiser

Won by the crew of Duyfken

A very special mention goes to our small but very hard working committee in Jenni Sorensen, Skye Thomson, Phil Holloway, Rob Palethorpe, Damon Gruzdev and Heff.

A bigger mention goes to our wonderful sponsors who donated an array of sensational prizes including: Bransfords Tackle, Nautical Marine, Perrin Clarke - Image Bank photography, Alvey Gunnell Rods, Revolver Lures, Black Pete Game Fishing, GBR Helicopters, Lotsa Printing

The 2015 Port Douglas Marlin Challenge

2015 Tournament Results

Final Statistics for the tournament were: 34 Strikes, 29 Hookups and 16 Tagged Black Marlin.

Champion Skipper & Boat:Steve Ahlers - Hellraiser
Champion Angler:Peter Barry with 3 tagged fish
Tournament Champion & Winner of the Perpetual Leon Thomas Trophy
Champion Female Angler: Sharon Poulter - Think Big 
Daily Champion Anglers
Day 1:Peter Zylmans - Hellraiser
Day 2:Peter Zylmans - Hellraiser
Day 3:Peter Barry - Hellraiser
Day 4:Peter Barry - Hellraiser

The Port Douglas Marlin Challenge crew would sincerely like to thanks the following valued sponsors - Bransfords Tackle, Penn Reels, Nautical Marine Sales, GBR Helicopters, Lure Restaurant, Great Northern Brewing Co, On the Spot Signs, Black Pete Tackle, Costa Sunglasses, Tomy Bahama and Perrin Clarke photography.

The 2014 Port Douglas Marlin Challenge

2014 Tournament Results

Champion Boat:Moana
Skippered by Daniel McCarthy
Champion Angler:Doug Cope aboard Wild Turkey and winner of the perpetual Leon Thomas Trophy
Champion Female Angler: Lisa Goodwin aboard Above Grade
Top 5 PlacingsMoana
Wild Turkey
Rat Bag
Above Grade
Daily Champion Anglers
Day 1:Lionel Astwood aboard Moana
Day 2:Nobby Szafranek aboard Gorilla
Day 3:Louie Smith aboard Dragon Lady
Day 4:Lisa Goodwin aboard Above Grade

The Calcutta 1st Prize money went to the Moana team which purchased themselves and the same applied to the Wild Turkey team which came in second place.

In finishing the Port Douglas Fishing Club would like to acknowledge this year’s wonderful sponsors which also included prize packages of $3500 - Bransford’s Tackle, Nautical Marine Sales, Costa Sunglasses, Black Pete Fishing Tackle, Perrin Clarke Image Bank Australia, GBR Helicopters, Reef Marina, Tommy Bahama, On the Spot Signs and Lotsa Printing.

The 2013 Port Douglas Marlin Challenge

2013 Tournament Results

Champion Boat:MV Above Grade
Skippered by Gavin Goodwin
Champion Angler:Lisa Goodwin
Champion Female Angler: Lisa Goodwin (MV Above Grade)
Top 5 PlacingsMV Above Grade
MV Think Big
MV Althado
MV Gorilla
MV Revive
Daily Champion Anglers
Day 1:Nobby Szarranec aboard MV Gorilla
Day 2:Phil Merambeliotis aboard MV Kyrenia.
Day 3:Lisa Goodwin aboard MV Above Grade
Day 4:Paul Poulter aboard MV Thing Big

1st Place $8250 went to the Goodwin Family aboard MV Above Grade.

A huge thank you goes to all our wonderful sponsors this year:
Cairns Sheet Metal, Gorilla Charters, Bransfords Tackle, Costa Sunglasses, Black Pete Fishing Tackle, Image Bank Australia, Bradley King & Za Harrachian, Malones Butchery, Lotsa Printing and the Mossman Florist.